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Interns 2016

Thank you to our 2016 summer lab interns: Johnny Pena (Brown University), Tessabella Magliochetti (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Katie Lo (Boston University), Dimitrios Psartos (Boston University), and Julie Tevanan (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)!

High resolution peripheral computed tomography (hr-pQCT)

In collaboration with the Bone Density Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, we are assessing bone microarchitecture in vivo in patients using high-resolution peripheral computed tomography (hr-pQCT, XtremeCT, Scanco Medical AG). This device allows assessment of volumetric bone density and microarchitecture of the distal radius and distal tibia. Images are acquired using a voxel size of […]

Publications 2005 – 2009

111. Pozzi S, Vallet S, Mukherjee S, Cirstea D, Vaghela N, Santo L, Rosen E, Ikeda H, Okawa Y, Kiziltepe T, Schoonmaker J, Xie W, Hideshima T, Weller E, Bouxsein ML, Munshi NC, Anderson KC, Raje N. Clin Cancer Res; 15(18): 5829-39. PDF 110. Sornay-Rendu E, Boutroy S, Munoz F, Bouxsein ML. Cortical and trabecular […]

Publications 2000 – 2004

46. Rosen CJ, Ackert-Bicknell CL, Adamo ML, Shultz KL, Rubin J, Donahue LR, Horton LG, Delahunty KM, Beamer WG, Sipos J, Clemmons D, Nelson T, Bouxsein ML, Horowitz M. Congenic mice with low serum IGF-1 have increased body fat, reduce bone mineral density, and an altered osteoblast differentiation program. Bone, 2004; 35 (5): 1046-58. 45. […]

Publications 1995 – 1999

13. Bouxsein ML, Coan BS, Lee SC. Prediction of femoral strength by bone mineral density and quantitative ultrasound measurements of the heel and tibia. Bone 1999; 25: 49-54. 12. Oden ZM, Selvitelli DM, Bouxsein ML. Effect of local density changes on the failure load of the proximal femur. J Orthop Res 1999; 16:661-667. 11. Michaeli […]