Microindentation — Reference Point Indentation

As part of our assessment of tissue properties, we perform microindentation using a novel reference point indentation device developed by ActiveLife Scientific. Reference Point Indentation enables assessment of bone material properties without requiring special surface preparation. As such, the measurement can be performed not only on excised bone specimens, but also in vivo.

rpi_img1rpi_img2This is made possible due to the unique design, where the outer reference probe shields the inner test probe from surrounding soft tissues. At the same time, it establishes a reference point at the site of indentation for measuring displacement. This allows accurate indentation measurements on a variety of bone surfaces. Furthermore, the device conducts cyclic testing, designed to reflect the bone’s resistance to fracture at the tissue level.

We are performing indentation measurements in rodent models, as well as primate and human cadaveric specimens. For accurate and reliable measurements, specimens must be stored fresh or frozen. Fixation in ethanol or formalin will alter the tissue properties. If you are interested in having indentation measurements performed on your bone specimens, contact Dr. Mary Bouxsein.